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Bohumil and Žofie Procházka (Nr. 16 and 17)
(Kovářská 96)

Bohumil Procházka (* 11 September 1878) came from Pňov, the district of Poděbrady, where he was born into a family of a businessman Bedřich Procházka and his wife Žofie, born as Picková, from Pečky. He became a travelling salesman and met his bride Žofie Gardnerová (* 5 February 1880) at the Prague Vinohrady. She was born in Březnice as the daughter of Ludvík Gardner and Anna, born as Fochová. Their wedding took place at the hotel Evropa, Prague, in 1907. They moved to Kolín three years after that. They spent a contented life there but had to leave by the first Kolín transport AAb to Terezín on 5 June 1942. After two months, on 25 August 1942, the Bc transport transferred them to the extermination camp Maly Trostenets where they both perished.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Navid Jallali.