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New Jewish cemetery

The New Jewish cemetery was founded in 1886-1887. It was used by the Jewish citizens of the town and its surroundings until the decline of Kolín Jewish community after 1953. In 1945 it was damaged by allied air-bombing of Kolín. In 1989 the cemetery ceremony hall was destroyed. 

Not far from the entrance we can find a grave of Bernard Mandelík in Czech modernism style which was created by Kolín sculptor Jan Drobník. Another striking grave is the modernist grave of Rudolf and František Jaroslav Kobler. Along the left fence wall we can see graves of married couple Klára and Filip Kafka, relatives of writer Franz Kafka. Among other important personalities buried here we can name members of Feldmann business family and members of Gugenheimer and Petschek family. Other significant people buried here are opera singer Bedřiška Reichnerová, writer, translator and graphologist Robert Saudek and his sister, writer Gíza Saudková-Picková. 

The significant point of the right side is the memorial of holocaust victims from 1950 which was built according to the plan of Věra Bejrová and Jaroslav Křelina. A gravestone situated on the left commemorates six unknown men who died in 1945 in the train of death transporting Auschwitz prisoners through Kolín.