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David and Berta Mendl (Nr. 65 and 66)
(Kmochova 335)

MUDr. David Mendl was born in Tábor on 30 September 1876 as the eldest son of a businessman Karel Mendl and his wife Matylda, born as Guttmannová. His wife Berta, whom he married in Prague in April 1905, had a twin sister Hedvika and were born on 25 May 1879 in Dražičky at Tábor. Their parents were Josef and Rosalie Roubíček. The parents had come to Kolín just after their wedding and settled at the Rubešova street. They welcomed their first daughter Hana on 24 January 1906 at their address at Karlovo náměstí 72. MUDr. David Mendl was an eye specialist and an otolaryngologist. After the First World War had ended, he commissioned building of a villa at Kmochova 335 where he also established his office. During the German occupation, the Mendls were moved out of their house and on 13 June 1942 they got on the AAd transport and left for Terezín. Shortly after their arrival, they had to get on the AAx transport and were dispatched to the Maly Trostenets extermination camp on 14 July 1942. The whole family perished there.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Luboš Tyko.