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Rudolf, Ida and František Weissberger (Nr. 6 - 8)
(Na Hradbách 159)

Rudolf Weissberger was born on 16 September 1879 in Opolany no. 46. He was from a family of a businessman David Weissberger, the son of Lazar and Sára Weissberger, and his wife Aloisie, the daughter of Salomon Markus and Anna Stránská from Dlouhopolsko. He was working as a travelling salesman. In 1908, he got married to Ida Hellerová (* 28 May 1884), the daughter of Josef Heller and Karolina Taussigová from Vrbičany (the Kladno district). In Kolín, the husband and wife Weissberger welcomed their son František who was born on 25 April 1912. During the Nazi occupation, the family was intended for the first Ko- lín transport AAb that left for Terezín on 5 June 1942. In Terezín, they had survived for another year. Afterwards, they were chosen for the Dl transport that took them to Auschwitz on 6 September 1943. They all perished there.

The stolpersteins for Rudolf and Ida Weiss- berger have been paid by Jonathan Drapkin, the stolperstein for František Weissberger has been paid by Clive and Sheila Sofaer.