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Alžběta Morgensternová (Nr. 33)
(Pražská 5)

Alžběta Morgensternová was born at the address Pražská 5 on 21 April 1861 into a family of a businessman Markus Morgenstern and his wife Marie, born as Poláčková. She did not get married and after her parents died, she had lived at the same address with her younger sister Regina. Regina died in 1936 and Alžběta had lived there by herself until the Nazi Occupation and the declaration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. In spring of 1942, Alžběta, among other Kolín Jews, had to register for a transport within the scope of the Final Solution. She left her home for a gathering point for transports at the Kolín Zálabí on 10 June 1942. The transport AAd took her to Terezín on 13 June. After four months, that is, on 15 October 1942, she continued by the By transport to the Treblinka extermination camp where she perished.

The stolperstein has been paid by Fiona Holding.