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Otto and Marta Stein (Nr. 21 and 22)
(Zámecká 88)

Ota Stein was born on 23 September 1887 in Zruč nad Sázavou. Later in Kolín, he ran a haberdashery and knitwear store. He met Marta Taussigová from Pečky (* 19 May 1886) whom he married in the Prague hotel Bristol in 1911. They had two sons together; Vilém (* 30 April 1914) and Josef (* 13 De- cember 1919). Vilém became a businessman just like his father and together with his brother they moved to Prague. During the Nazi occupation, the brothers were deported by the first Prague transports H – 30 November 1941, and J – 4 December 1941 that were directed to Terezín. After the Germans came to Kolín, Ota and Marta had to move to Ledečko and eventually they left with the first Kolín transport AAb on 5 June 1941. The whole family thus got together in Terezín. All of them were then dragged off to Auschwitz by the Dm transport on 6 September 1943. Nobody ever returned home.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Lee and Sandy Shedroff, Peoria, Arizona, USA.