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Richard and Růžena Weigner, Marie Davidová (Nr. 18 - 20)
(Kovářská 95)

Richard Weigner was born on 7 May 1883 in Kolín as the son of Josef Weigner and Berta Reichmannová. Richard took over a shop with dry goods and women’s clothing that was at Kouřimská no. 10. He got married to a Pilsen native Růžena Gutwilligová (* 26 February 1893) and they had two daughters together; Marie (* 10 January 1921, Pilsen) and Karolina (* 4 January 1924, Kolín). After they had finished the elementary education, the daughters had studied at the grammar school until 1939. In autumn, Karolina and other Jewish children left for Denmark and she had lived in Sweden since 1943. In 1941, Marie got married to Arnošt David and together they attempted to flee illegally from the Protectorate. However, they were captured and both perished in Auschwitz in 1943. The parents boarded the AAd transport on 13 June 1942 and were taken to Terezín. After that, on 25 August 1942, Richard was taken by the Bc transport to Maly Trostenets where he died. Růžena Weignerová left Terezín on 22 October 1942 and continued with the Bx to Treblinka where she was killed.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Carole and Peter Joerdan.