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Hermína and Karolína Heller, Marie Lustigová (Nr. 13 - 15)
(Kovářská 94)

Hermína Hellerová (* 30 August 1879) came from a family of Josef Morawetz and Terezie, born as Poláčková from Kamberk (the Benešov district). In 1901, she married Adolf Heller (1865 – 1918), a travelling salesman, the son of Emanuel Heller from Černochov and his wife Marie, born as Propperová. The couple married in a Prague hotel Bristol. The newlyweds occupied the house number 94 at the Kovářská street in Kolín. At this address, they welcomed their two daughters and a son; Marie (* 16 April 1902), Karolina (14 November 1903), and Arnošt (1907 – 1944). Later, Marie married Karel Lustig (1892 – 1942) and they had daughters Irena (1922) and Hana (1926). As the occupation began, Hermína Hellerová together with her daughters Marie and Karolina had to get on the transport AAd directed to Terezín on 13 June 1942. On 14 July 1942, that is, a month later, Hermína and Karolina continued to Maly Trostenets with the AAx transport and they died in the camp. Marie Lustigová was included in the Dn/a transport on 5 October 1943 that left for Auschwitz and where Marie was killed.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Murray Greenfield.