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Hilda and Zuzana Reiss (Nr. 11 and 12)
(Pražská 99)

Hilda Reissová was born to Jana Singerová in Prague on 18 April 1896. She inherited a soap and assorted goods shop from her mother. The house number 99 was on the corner of the Pražská and Kovářská streets. She lived at this address together with her husband Otta Reiss (* 30 October 1898) who came from a family of Isidor and Marie Reiss from Strážnice. Otta was a chemist at the Ratboř sugar refinery. On 7 January 1931, the couple welcomed their daughter Zuzana. When she grew up, she attended a common school of the Western division at the Kmochova street. In 1939, Otta succeeded in escaping to Great Britain. Both Hilda and Zuzana planned to join him there; Hilda had already had her passport issued, however, the Second World War broke out. On 13 June 1942, Hilda and Zuzana Reiss were sent to Terezín by the AAd transport. They were immediately transported by the AAi to an unknown place, probably to Sobibor, an extermination camp in the southeastern Poland, from where they never returned.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Suzie and Howard Vanner.