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Gustav and Růžena Mandelik (Nr. 9 and 10)
(Pražská 1)

Gustav Mandelík (* 21 August 1868) took after his father’s grain store and got married to Růžena, born as Lewithová from Náchod (* 24 April 1873), in Prague in May 1896. They had three children together – Hynek, Zdeňka and Erich. In 1917, Gustav established a business that was concerned with drying and preserving fruits and vegetables at the Zámecká street 79. His son Hynek died during the First World War. During the Nazi occupation and the realization of the Final Solution, Gustav and Růžena were included in the last Kolín transport AAd on 13 June 1942 and left for Terezín. Gustav died in Terezín on 31 October 1942. On 15 December the following year, Růžena was dragged off by the Dr transport to Auschwitz where she died as well as her daughter Zdeňka and her family. It was only Erich that survived and his descendants have lived until today.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Michael Berger and Susan Cohen-Ungar.