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Josef Doskočil (Nr. 75)
(Komenského 182 )

This Stolpersteine is not a Jewish one but it concerns the second resistance movement.

Josef Doskočil (1892 Žabonosy – 1944 Munich, prison Stadelheim) was a participant of anti-Nazi resistance movement during Second World War. He was publicly active and he acted as a deputy of Karel Hladeček in Kolín group Petiční výbor Věrni zůstaneme (Petition committee We will stay faithful). Josef Doskočil was born in Žabonosy in a working-class family. He was trained as a machinist, however, he worked as a cashier of Regional hospital insurance company in Kolín. He was an editor in local newspaper Středočeské hlasy (Central Bohemian Voices), a member of regional committee and a member of town council in Kolín. Josef Doskočil was also a member of Curatorium of Business Academy in Kolín and an official of Workers´ Gymnastics Union in Kolín. In his resistance activity he focused mainly on preparation of revolutionary national committees in the Kolín region. Gestapo revealed his resistance activity and on 27 October 1942 he was arrested in his workplace (Regional hospital insurance company in Kolín). There followed an investigation for treason and imprisonment in Kolín, Kutná Hora, Mladá Boleslav, in Pankrác in Prague, in Malá pevnost in Terezín, Nuremberg and Munich. The people´s court in Nuremberg condemned Josef Doskočil to death penalty, based on this he was executed in 1944.

The stone was laid thanks to the gift by Libuše Janyšová and participation of Military History Club – Pevnost Mikulov (Mikulov Fortress)