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Edita Rübensteinová (Nr. 74)
(Komenského 187)

Edita Rübensteinová was born to Robert Rübenstein and his wife Marta Engelová on 21 May 1927 in Podmokly (a part of Děčín since 1942). Her parents used to have a textile wholesale shop there. When Sudetenland was occupied, they moved to Kolín where her father´s relatives lived. They moved the shop and then did business in Kolín. Edita attended town school in Školská street. When the final solution of Jewish situation finished with transports, the Rübenstein family left Kolín in the first transport on 5 June 1942 to Terezín and a week later on 12 June 1942 to Trawniki where all died.

The stone was laid thanks to the gift by Marie Baráková, Edita´s classmate from the town school.