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Ella Hübschová (Nr. 72)
(Škodova ulice 259)

Ella Hübschová (Hybšová), née Kantorová, was born in Kolín on 21 December 1904 in a family of businessman Rudolf Kantor and his wife Marie Krausová.

She got married before 1934 to businessman Viktor Hybš and together with the parents they lived in Škodova street No. 259 in Kolín IV. The Hybš family came from Pravonín in the Benešov region. Ella ran a small shop in the square with drapery. After the occupation in 1939 her husband emigrated. Ella with her father and sister Irma left by transport AAb on 5 June 1942 to Terezín and then after a few months by transport Bv on 15 October 1942 to Treblinka, where all of them died.

The Stolpersteine were paid by Věra Lošonská.