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Markéta Löwy, Míša Löwy (Nr. 70 and 71)
(Kmochova 248)

Míša Löwy was born in Kolín in the family of MUDr. Vojtěch Löwy and Markéta Ledererová on 3 March 1933. Vojtěch´s parents Marie and Leopold Löwy came from Uherský Brod where Vojtěch was born on 25 March 1899. Markéta was born on 19 July 1905 in Tachov, her parents were Max Lederer and Hedvika Steinová. Markéta met Vojtěch in Prague where they got married on 1 August 1926.

Vojtěch studied medicine and practised in children clinic in Prague and Vienna. In 1927 in Kolín he started his practice for children and baby diseases in Parléřova street No. 34. From 1930 to 1937 he was working in Jungmannova třída No. 41 and then in Za Quintinem Street No. 248.

In autumn 1941 Vojtěch Löwy with another Jew Rudolf Adler complained about hairdressers in Zbraslavice who were not willing to serve Jews. Their complaint should have been sent via Prague Jewish headquarters. However, they sent it directly to Kolín oberlandrat and because of this ´arrogance´ they were arrested on 30 October 1941 and included in Prague transport E – 3 November 1941 to Lodž. In 1945 Vojtěch Löwy came back with Soviet army as their doctor back to Kolín. However, neither Markéta nor Míša were waiting for him. Both were included in Kolín transport AAd from Kolín to Terezín on 13 June 1942. Then they continued by transport Dr – 15 December 1943 to Auschwitz where they both died.

The Stolpersteine were paid by Věra Lošonská.