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Irena Pollaková, Ivo Pollak, Mirko Pollak (Nr. 67 - 69)
(Karlovo náměstí 88)

Irena Pollaková, née Roubíčková, was born on 1 December 1902 in Kolín in a family of businessman Šimon Roubíček and Klotilda Kaufmannová. Her parents came to Kolín at the end of 19th century from Plzeň and Šimon Roubíček established an ironmonger´s in Kolín´s square No.88. Irena was one of three Roubíček´s siblings. She met Richard Pollak * 7 April 1898 in Nový Knín. She gave birth to two sons – Ivo 29 September 1927 and Mirko 18 April 1930. Richard Pollak was engaged in support of Czechoslovakian defence and on 28 March 1939 after the occupation he emigrated and already on 8 April he reported himself for duty in Czechoslovakian foreign army in London. He left his wife and children in Kolín at his parents – probably he hoped to move them to a safe place later. In the meantime, Jewish people were transported into Terezín. Irena with both sons and her parents got on transport AAd on 13 June 1942 to Terezín. From that place her parents continued by transport Bv on 15 October 1942 to Treblinka, Irena with both sons followed them a week later. All of them died in Treblinka.

The Stolpersteine were paid by Věra Lošonská.