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Richard and Riva Reichner (Nr. 63 and 64)
(Na Hradbách 126/6)

Richard Reichner (* 15 April 1865) had been cantor at the Kolín Jewish Community for almost forty years. He settled in Kolín with his wife Riva, born as Epsteinová (* 25 December 1873), and their two daughters Bedřiška (* 30 September 1893) and Olga (* 17 December 1897). Bedřiška was very musical and thus became a member of the Opera of the National Theatre, Prague. The contract, however, lasted only three years as she died already in 1916. Her sister Olga married a businessman Ota Engel. The actor Hugo Haas and the composer Pavel Haas were the girls’ cousins from their mother’s side. As the occupation broke out, the Reichners and the Engels left for Terezín by the AAd transport on 13 June 1942. Richard died there on 31 July 1942. Riva then left for Auschwitz by the Dr transport on 15 December 1943 from where she did not return.

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