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Vilém Kohn (Nr. 62)
(Karoliny Světlé 147/42)

JUDr. Vilém Kohn was born on 7 April 1881 at the Židovská street 42 (today’s Karoliny Světlé 147). His father, Solomon Kohn, was a textile trader. His parents were Löwe Kohn and Sára, born as Gelberová. Vilém’s mother Anna came from Markus Spiro’s and Sára’s, born as Bachrachová, family. Vilém studied at a grammar school and then at law school. He came back to Kolín and together with his mother and sister Matylda lived in his native house. He never got married and after their mother’s death, his sister had taken care of the household until her own death in 1941. JUDr. Vilém Kohn worked as a legal clerk at first but established his own lay law office at Legerova 23 in 1930. On 13 June 1942, Vilém was taken by the third Kolín transport AAd to Terezín. On 14 July 1942, he continued with the AAx transport to Maly Trostenets where he perished.

The stolperstein has been paid by Jack Lynes.