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Oldřich Schwarz (Nr. 56)
(Kouřimská 9B)

JUDr. Oldřich Schwarz came from Morašice at Chrudim where he was born on 23 July 1879 in a family of Hynek Schwarz and Karolina, born as Witzová. He studied at a law faculty and initiated the practice in Prague, then in Jaroměř, and finally in Kolín. In 1912, he established his own law firm. In 1925, he married JUDr. Zdeňka Zlonická (1900 – 1929) who came from Německý Brod. Her parents were JUDr. Bedřich Zlonický and Zdeňka, born as Čermáková. Oldřich and Zdeňka had a daughter Eva (1926 – 2017) and a son Oldřich (1928 – 2013). After his wife’s death, Oldřich married her sister MUDr. Marie Zlonická (1897 – 1959). During the Nazi occupation, Oldřich decided to divorce Marie so that he did not put his family in danger because of his Jewish origin. Then he had to get on the first Kolín transport AAb that took him to Terezín on 5 June 1942. Already in 12 June 1942, he continued with the AAk transport to Trawniki where he perished.

The stolperstein has been paid by Murray Greenfield.