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Ludvík and Ida Premsler (Nr. 54 and 55)
(Kouřimská 9A)

Ludvík Premsler was originally from Ulice at Stříbro and was born on 27 February 1886 into a family of Moric and Anna Premsler. In Kolín, he ran a rawhide leather shop at Karoliny Světlé 46. He was a sacristan at the Jewish Community of Kolín. He married Ida Krausová who was born on 3 January 1889 in Úmonín. Her parents were Josef Kraus (1859 – 1931) and Babeta, born as Weignerová (1854 – 1934). The Premsler family resided at Zámecká 85 where their daughter Lili Olga was born in 1919. They moved to the Kouřimská street 9 afterwards and Ida gave birth to their second daughter Anita in 1922. During the deportation of the Kolín Jews, the Premslers were allocated in the AAc transport that left on 13 June 1942 for Bohušovice. From there, they continued to Terezín on foot. The daughters had survived the Holocaust, however, their parents died in the Raasika concentration camp where they were delivered by the Be transport on 1 September 1942.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Irene and Lindsay East.