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Alfred, Marta, Evženie and Edita Fischer (Nr. 49 - 52)
(Kouřimská 20)

Marta Fischerová (* 1 May 1900) was born into a family of Eduard Eckstein and Filipina Freundová from Slatiňany. Firstly, Marta married Otto Weiner who owned a dry goods shop in Kolín. After Otto’s death, Marta married again. Alfred Fischer, a travelling salesman born on 14 April 1900 to Eduard Fischer and Augusta Zeislová in Náměšť (the Třebíč dis- trict), was her second husband. They had two daughters together; Evženie (* 2 November 1931) and Edita (* 24 April 1935). In 1938, Marta cleared down her shop but the family remained in Kolín. At the time of the occupation, the family were included in the AAd transport that left for Terezín on 13 June 1942. They had survived here until October when they were dragged away by the Bu transport to the Treblinka extermination camp on 8 October 1942. They all died there.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Vocational School of Construction Kolín.