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Ludvík Lustig (Nr. 48)
(Kouřimská 20)

Ludvík Lustig came from Selmice at Přelouč where he was born on 20 February 1861 as the son of Solomon Lustig and his wife Marie, born as Markusová, from Libenice. He settled in Chvaletice where he ran a shop and a tavern. He married Klementina Reichmannová (* 11 September 1860) from Jihlava. They had a son Karel (* 1892) and a daughter Olga (* 1896). The Lustigs moved from Chvaletice to Kolín where Ludvík ran a teamster’s business. His wife Klementina died in 1937. During the Nazi occupation, Ludvík was included in a Kolín transport AAd that left for Terezín on 13 June 1942. His son’s Karel’s family went as well. However, Ludvík could not stand the hardship that the camp brought about and thus committed a suicide on 3 October 1942.

The stolperstein has been paid by Murray Greenfield.