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Růžena, František and Pavel Meisl, Hedvika Hofmannová (Nr. 44 - 47)
(Kutnohorská 31)

Růžena was born into a family of a Kolín businessman Jakub Weissberger and his wife Josefa, born as Hellerová, on 10 May 1874. She got married to a businessman Albert Meisl from Žehušice at Čáslav and had sons František (* 17 August 1900) and Pavel (* 16 March 1902) among their other children. After Růžena’s father’s death, the family moved to Kolín. Her husband Albert Meisl died in 1935. The son Pavel was dedicated to translating and adhered to leftist stances. He died as a political prisoner in Mauthausen on 19 December 1941. His brother František, who was working in Prague and Pilsen, was dragged off by the Prague transport At to Terezín on 7 May 1942. Afterwards, the transport Ds took him to Auschwitz on 18 December 1943 where he was killed. The mother Růžena and her sister Hedvika Hofmanová were included in the Kolín transport AAd that left for Terezín on 13 June 1942. They both perished in the concentration camp.

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