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Valerie, Richard and Otto Fleischner (Nr. 41 - 43)
(Karlovo nám. 45)

In 1907, a Kolín jeweler Gustav Fleischner (1863 – 1913) married his sweetheart Valerie Kleinová (* 26 October 1881). Gustav was the son of Rafael Fleischner and Anna Bergmannová; Valerie was the daughter of Heinrich Klein and Anneta Kollínská from Pardubice. In Kolín, the Fleischners had sons Richard (* 20 December 1902) and Ota who was born four years later (* 27 October 1906). Richard studied law school and was arrested by the Brno Gestapo during the Holocaust. He died in the Bamberk as a political prisoner on 25 March 1942. Ota and his mother Valerie were taken by the De transport to Terezín on 5 July 1943. After two months, Ota was included in the Dl transport that left for Auschwitz on 6 September 1943 where he perished. Valerie Fleischnerová died in Terezín on 17 October of the same year.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Vivienne Dines and Kelly Messik.