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Žofie Weissbergerová and Hermína Weinerová (Nr. 39 and 40)
(Husova 49)

Žofie Weissbergerová was born on 28 April 1872 into a family of Josef Benda and Julie Weigertová from Vrbčany. On 26 July 1893, Žofie got married to a livestock businessman Julius Weissberger (* 9 August 1866), the son of Jindřich Weissberger and Antonie Picková. The wedding took place at the Prague hotel Stein. They occupied the house no. 129 at Zálabí in Kolín. At this address, they welcomed their son Leo on 11 Augist 1894. After the occupation and the establishment of the Protectorate, Leo attempted to escape abroad. He probably died during his attempt as his death was declared in absentia by order of the court of Kutná Hora on 21 December 1939. Hermína Weinerová, born on 25 November 1875, was Žofie’s younger sister. Both widows lived together at the house no. 49 at the Husova street. They were dragged away by the third Kolín transport to Terezín on 13 June 1942. Hermína died there on 11 January 1943. Žofie then left with the By transport to Treblinka on 15 October 1942. She was killed there.

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