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Jindřich, Marta and Rita Kraus (Nr. 35 - 37)
(Karlovo nám. 7)

Jindřich Kraus was born in Úmonín at Kutná Hora on 9 September 1891 as the son of Josef Kraus, a businessman, and his wife Babeta, born as Weignerová. Jindřich got married to Marta Steinerová at a Prague hotel Bristol in 1921. Marta was born in Vorlabeš (the Stříbro district) on 2 January 1898 as a daughter of Hynek Steiner and Antonie, born as Friedlanderová, from Čáslav. The Kolín Rabbi Richard Feder wedded the couple. A year after, on 6 March 1922, their daughter Rita was born in Kolín. Jindřich traded with linen and then he ran a dry-goods shop at no. 7 which the Krauses were co-owners of. The whole family was taken by the AAd transport to Terezín on 13 June 1942. Then they were included in the Cu transport that left on 1 February 1943 for Auschwitz where they perished.

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