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Emilie Picková (Nr. 34)
(Karlovo nám. 7)

Emilie Picková was born on 16 October 1871 in Pašinka at Kolín. She came from a family of Emanuel Pick, a butcher from Golčův Jeníkov, who settled at the Pašinka farmstead, and his wife Barbora. She was the daughter of Joachim Fiala and Rosalie, born as Fuchsová, from Pašinka as well. In 1874, the family moved to Kolín. Emilie was apprenticed as a seamstress and did not get married. She supported herself by sewing at the house no. 7, “At the Golden Pike” (“U Zlaté štiky”), at Karlovo náměstí. During the time when the Kolín Jews were expelled from their homes, Emilie was determined for the third transport AAd and left on 13 June 1942 for Terezín. After four months there, that is, on 22 October 1942, Emilie was dragged off by the Bx transport to the Treblinka extermination camp where she died.

The stolperstein has been paid by Radek Pohořelický.