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Otto Kodíček (Nr. 32)
(Karlovo nám. 91)

Otto was born on 16 August 1888 in Zachotín (the Tábor district) to Moric Kodíček and Josefa Bauerová. During the First World War, Otto served as a gendarme in the occupied Ukraine. In 1918, he married Olga Krausová, the daughter of a businessman Josef Kraus and his wife Josefa Weignerová, in the Prague hotel Bristol. Although Olga was born in Úmonín on 16 August 1894, she and her parents lived in Kolín at the time of the wedding. The year after the wedding, the newlyweds had their daughter Ludmila and four years after that their son Miloš was born. They resided at Karlovo náměstí 7. Otto was a travelling salesman and Olga ran a shoe shop at number 91 on the corner of the square. During the occupation, on 13 June 1942, the whole family was sent by the AAd transport to Terezín. Otto and his son were transferred to Auschwitz two years later, on 1 October 1944, where Otto perished.

The stolperstein has been paid by Irene a Tom Crosby.