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Oskar, Anna and Pavel Arnstein (Nr. 29 - 31)
(Karlovo nám. 90)

Oskar came from a family of a Kolín businessman Adolf Arnstein and his wife Kamila Arnsteinová who was originally from Votice. He was born on 5 June 1896 at Karlovo náměstí 90 where his father’s firm, trading with assorted goods and alcohol, resided. He met his wife Anna Strasserová (* 13 September 1908) in Chrudim. They got married in 1932 and after five years of marriage their son Pavel was born (* 21 June 1937). On 26 October 1941, that is, two years after the Protectorate was established, they were all taken from Prague by the C transport to Lodź, Poland. Oskar died here on 3 November, just a few days after their arrival. His wife and son had survived in the ghetto for another half a year. Both their death certificates state the day of death on 26 April 1942. Pavel thus did not live to see his fifth birthday.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Ursula and Michael Heppner.