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Hermína, Karel, Rita and Eva Ornstein (Nr. 25 - 28)
(Karlovo nám. 89)

Hermína Brodová (* 28 March 1880), the daughter of a businessman Alois Brod from Dolní Bučice, married JUDr. Josef Ornstein (* 17 May 1863). Josef established a law firm at Karlovo náměstí 89 in Kolín. On 27 January 1901, the couple welcomed their son Karel who graduated from the Kolín grammar school a few years later. Karel actively participated in the Kolín Youth Club and other voluntary associations. Karel graduated from a law school after the fashion of his father. In 1934, Karel married Rita Bauerová (* 15 September 1913). The bride came from a family of Arnošt Bauer (1885 – 1941), he brother of the owner of a villa in Libodřice, and his wife Marta, born as Saudková (1885 – 1943). On 11 July 1938, Karel and Rita had their daughter Eva. Her grandfather Josef Ornstein died in the same year. Karel’s whole family, including his mother Hermína, were intended for the Kolín transport AAd – 13 June 1942. The family had remained in Terezín until 18 December 1943. Then the Ds transport was dispatched to Auschwitz and the whole family died there.

The stolpersteins have been paid by town Kolín.