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Šimon and Klotilda Roubíček (Nr. 23 and 24)
(Karlovo nám. 88)

Šimon Roubíček (* 15 October 1867) was born into a family of Marek and Ludmila Roubíček from Bechyně. In Pilsen in 1896, he married Klotilda Kaufmannová (* 22 August 1871) from Volyně, the daughter of David Kaufmann and Kateřina, born as Eisnerová, who lived in Pilsen at that time. Šimon and Klotilda moved to Kolín where they established an iron shop at Karlovo náměstí. They had two daughters and one son together – Vilma (* 24 Decem- ber 1897) and Irena (* 1 December 1902) and Otto who died soon after he was born. The daughters married the Pollák brothers, Karel and Richard, who came from Nový Knín. After the Nazi occupation, Irena’s husband Richard exiled and enrolled into the Czechoslovak Foreign Military Unit. Šimon and Klotilda, together with their daughter Irena, and their grandsons Ivo Zdenko (* 29 August 1927) and Mirko Tomáš (* 18 April 1930), were dragged off by the AAd transport on 13 June 1942 to Tere- zín. On 15 October 1942, the Roubíčeks continued with the Bv transport to Treblinka, and Irena with the children followed them in the Bx transport on 22 October 1942. They all perished in Treblinka.

The stolpersteins have been paid by Barbara and Elkan Kohn.