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Hilda, Evžen, Růžena and Josef Feder (Stones Nr. 1-4)
(Na Hradbách 124/4)

Hilda Federová was born in Prague on 24 February 1888 to Adolf Porges and Berta Glaserová. In 1907, Hilda married Richard Feder (1875 – 1970) who later became a Kolín Rabbi. Their older son Evžen (* 20 June 1910) was an apprenticed electrician and worked at a Kolín firm Speciál Proft. In 1938, Evžen married Růžena Levá (* 16 June 1915) who was a local teacher. Růžena came from a family of Filip Levý and Olga Weissová from Kosova Hora. They had a son Josef (* 13 Octo- ber 1941) that was born during the occupation. The Feder family were taken by the AAd transport to Terezín on 13 June 1942. Hilda died here on 24 December. Evžen, his wife Růžena and little Josef were included in the Dz transport that left for Auschwitz on 15 May 1944. After several weeks, Evžen continued to Schwarzheide where he died of exhaustion on3 September 1944. Both his wife and son died in July when the family camp Auschwitz–Birkenau was liquidated.

The stolperstein for Hilda Feder has been paid by Sharon Goldstein, the stolperstein for Josef Feder has been paid by the Rabbi Dr. Andrew Goldstein, the town of Kolín has paid for the stones of Evžen and Růžena Feder.