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List of Jewish High Holy Days and Pilgrimage Festivals in academic year 2023 during which it is not possible to access Jewish cemeteries.

PESACH Wednesday 5 April entry possible until 3pm
Thursday 6 April closed
Friday 7 April closed
Wednesday 12 April closed
Thursday 13 April closed

ŠAVUOT Thursday 25 May closed
Friday 26 May closed

ROŠ HAŠANA Friday 15 September entry possible until 3pm
Saturday 16 September closed
Sunday 17 September closed

JOM KIPUR Sunday 24 September entry possible until 3pm
Monday 25 September closed

SUKOT Friday 29 September entry possible until 3pm
Saturday 30 September closed
Sunday 1 October closed

Hošana raba Friday 6 October entry possible until 3pm

Šmini aceret Saturday 7 October closed

Simchat Tora Sunday 8 October closed

Apart from those mentioned dates, the cemetery must be closed regularly all Saturdays including Friday sunset time.

Thank you for accepting the rules.